Save Money on Bitdefender Renewal

Bitdefender antivirus is currently topping the lists of various AV tests and lab tests. Being so good, Bitdefender products naturally attract a bigger consumer base who are concerned about their computer’s security. However, there had been different versions of Bitdefender over the past few years and very recently the 2016 lineup of the Bitdefender security products have been announced.

Many of the consumers wonder, whether renewal is worth it. Security threats don’t tend to appear when a security product like Bitdefender is active on the background, which makes people forget how important a security software on a computer system is. Thus, here’s a brief presentation on what changes Bitdefender has made in their past two versions, and whether it is worth renewing to the 2016 lineup of products.

Bitdefender: Changes in 2017 Edition

Ransomware are the very latest type of threats that are crippling the files on a computer system, and unless the computer user agrees to pay the demanded amount of money the hackers won’t simply provide access to these files. Bitdefender has taken such attacks into concern and introduced a Ransomware module for the 2016 edition – that’s the biggest prominent change in the latest 2016 edition.

Apart from this, the other ones are –

  • Bitdefender central account interface to control Bitdefender cross-platform installation in different devices.
  • The new user interface is now compatible with the Windows 10 UI.
  • Better integration between the malware and the firewall.
  • The password manager now better manages users’ passwords.
  • Financial security tool looks after the transactions and ensures security.

Bitdefender 2017 Changes

The current 2017 version has incorporated these changes –

  • Windows 8.1 UI integration.
  • Touchscreen interface has been incorporated to support Microsoft’s mindset of having the same Windows 8.1 OS in all devices e.g. computer and tablets.
  • Bitdefender Widget represents the module status in a much better way. Also, the autopilot mode remains active in the background in its attempt to provide continued protection.
  • Startup optimizer scans the computer for probable malware threats while starting up, and one-click optimizer tunes a computer system in just one click for security and performance.
  • Addition of different profiles e.g. Work, Movies, Games etc. Switching into these profiles automatically change the settings to suit the mood of computer use.

As it appears, the change-log over the past years is truly prominent. Unless a user renews their license to the latest edition, they miss out on more security and features.

Save Money on Bitdefender Renewal

Every renewal is reasonably priced while it’s renewed, here are few methods one might avail –

  • Using the Bitdefender Website: Enter your existing license key into this website and follow the guided renewal process. It’s easy and more convenient.
  • Coupon Codes: Often, the Bitdefender affiliates offer great deals on license renewal. Look out for those on famous tech blogs and reputed affilites of Bitdefender.
  • Avail Online Discounts: For new customers, the latest version of Bitdefender products may be offered at greater discounts. This way, one could avail a first purchase at a much lesser price.


License renewal shouldn’t be skipped, as it means a lot on the computer security. However, if license renewal is an issue with your financials, then the free Antivirus from Bitdefender would certainly carry out the protection for a reasonable amount of time