Man Behind This Blog

Hi everyone! My name is Carolyn and I am happily living with my husband and daughter in Houston, Texas. I am just a housewife as of now since my daughter is still 1 year old, and I need to give her full attention. I used to work as a sales agent in a certain company, but I decided to stop when I got pregnant. What I usually do while at home is baking breads, cakes and so many other food items that can be baked. Baking is my passion since I was still a teenager.

Blogging through My Great Passion in Android

Every time I bake, I put my heart from doing it, and this is maybe the reason why I come up with a very delicious dishes. In fact, my family specially my husband, loves the cakes that I always bake; not to mention those chocolate flavored cookies as my specialty. Since I am doing such thing on a regular basis, I then think of writing my own blog articles that have something to do with baking. This can be the perfect way to earn money while staying as a housewife and a full-time mother. There are a lot of things that can be read on my blog. I even have some tutorial videos on how to bake different baking dishes that you will surely like.